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Can A Law Firm Have Its Own App?

Mobile devices allow consumers to shop, seek medical treatment, order food, and much more from their fingertips. So why shouldn’t they also be able to seek much-needed legal aid from their phones? 

It’s not uncommon for law firms to have mobile apps. The first downloadable legal aid application was released in 2011. Since then, a growing number of clients have turned to their phones in search of legal advice.

The development of mobile apps for law firms can be a delicate matter. In the sections below, you’ll learn why it’s a great idea to reach out to a team of IT professionals who have prior experience developing apps specifically for legal aid.

Why Law Firms Should Have Apps

When you look across the landscape of all businesses and sectors, it becomes apparent that there’s one thing that growing companies often share in common: they all have a quality web presence.

This certainly holds true within the law sector. There are several reasons why you should consider developing an app for your law firm.

Deciphering Legal Text

It’s not uncommon for law firms to run their own blogs where potential clients can ask questions such as “How do I write a will?”, “What do I do if somebody hits my car?” or “Should I let the police enter my home?”. Even the most upstanding citizen will find themselves in a legal quandary from time to time, and they want to do things the right way.

This is where blog postings in an app, written by qualified legal professionals, come in handy. It helps to translate complex legal text into layman’s terms.

Directing Online Traffic to Your Firm

Having a one-stop app for legal questions would be an absolute godsend to clients who don’t have the time or resources to navigate an internet browser. It’ll also direct traffic to your firm since potential clients will be able to familiarize themselves with legal professionals who are easy to reach.

According to a 2017 report, 33% of clients look for a lawyer online through blogs and social media. 96% of people looking for legal advice start their search online. The combination of an informative web page and a downloadable app could be all you need to boost your client base.

Schedule Appointments with Ease

One of the significant advantages of having an app is its potential usefulness as a scheduling tool. Everybody from barbers to dentists to plumbers can reap the rewards of online scheduling. 

  • Customers can set up an appointment with their fingertips.
  • In an automated process, these appointments populate your schedule.
  • Customers may also agree to receive periodic reminders of their upcoming appointments.
  • Best of all, this reduces your staff’s workload.

An Excellent Resource For Collaboration

Not only does an app solidify the line of communication between you and your clients, but it also allows for easier collaboration between the members of your team. They say teamwork makes the dream work. The saying certainly applies here.

Here’s how an app can increase productivity within your team:

  • Assignments: You can post assignments for staff members.
  • Tracking: You can automatically track cases and hours spent on them.
  • Digitize case law: Staff can benefit from digitizing papers related to relevant cases. This reduces the need to spend time thumbing through an entire library.

Things to Consider During Your Law Firm’s App Development

Developing a mobile app for law firms comes with unique challenges. Below are three subject matters that are considered during the development process.


Users must be assured that they will not be required to enter any confidential information during the process. If a prospective client wants to enter information for submission, then they must be guaranteed that their data will be protected.

Luckily, a secure electronic agreement infrastructure already exists. Customers can sign loans, mortgages, and other legally-binding documents online by using services such as DocuSign and HelloSign.

If you do decide to provide potential clients with an opportunity to submit confidential information, IT experts will be sure to integrate a safe and secure workflow into the application.


At no point will you claim to have all the answers. Every legal situation has its unique circumstances which cannot all be accounted for during online interaction. This is why it is important to develop disclaimers to minimize any potential liability associated with the use of the app.

When you speak to an app development team, be sure to mention which types of disclaimers you want to display. You may also consider placing some content behind a payment wall. 

A Way for Clients To Pay Fees Online

It’s easy to integrate payment processing into mobile apps. Your clients will love this because they can take care of payments with the swipe of a finger. You’ll love it because it’s an easy way to keep track of billing. 

There are many features that can be implemented in a payment gateway:

  • Credit/Debit Cards: Clients will be able to submit payments by entering their card number.
  • Bank transfers are also supported by the major processors. Customers enter their bank account information.
  • eWallets: In today’s day and age, many customers would rather pay through eWallets like PayPal or Venmo.

Modernizing your payment system in this way catches the attention of remote clients, who may be seeking legal consultation from afar.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile App for A Law Firm?

There is a wide variation in the total cost associated with developing a mobile app. The leading factors influencing the cost of the project include programming, graphic design, and the inclusion of more advanced features like electronic agreements.

One thing’s for sure: you definitely save money and time by outsourcing website and mobile app development to an experienced team of experts. According to Good Firms, the average cost to develop a mobile app can range from approximately $20k to over $100k. The returns can be significant. For example, the first-ever legal aid app, released in 2011, registered over 8,600 downloads within the first 18 months.

How To Save Money on App Development

The best way to save money on app development is to schedule an appointment with a team of IT experts. In a meeting, you will be able to discuss which kind of features you desire and set a budget for the project. This will save you from a lot of headaches, as the development team will be able to outline which services you can provide clients with the budget in mind.

Final Thoughts

A significant majority of the general public search for legal aid online. For a law firm, having an app could make a big difference when it comes to attracting clientele from all over the country. 

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