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What Are the Causes of Data Loss and How Do You Prevent Them?

Do you know the causes of data loss and how to prevent critical data loss? Learn more about your systems’ potential problems and how you can overcome these issues.

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Most Common Causes of Data Loss

Numerous reasons contribute to the loss or corruption of vital data in your business systems. By knowing the potential problems in your business, you can build a better protection system. Explore the six most common reasons your data might be in danger below.

Human Error

Human error is one of the foremost causes of data loss. There are many critical points in the data manipulation process where people can make a mistake as simple as a wrong keystroke. Proper training, education, and protocols can play a role in preventing these types of errors.

The most common human mistakes include accidental deletion while typing or updating information or spilling fluids on mobile devices like laptops. Water damage is particularly dangerous to data when the device has power and the circuits are more likely to short out.

In addition to damaging mistakes like those above, there is also the threat of theft. Mobile laptops and hard drives are easy targets for thieves and hackers alike. Storing these devices in dry, secure areas will help prevent accidents and theft.

Software Corruption

Computer software can crash or malfunction, catalyzing unexpected data loss. Every type of software is prone to undesired behavior, including antivirus programs, file conversions, and file update software. Many programs need regular checks and updates to discover and prevent potential issues.

Viral Infiltration

Digital devices are vulnerable to malicious software like ransomware, malware, and phishing. These threats are capable of stealing, corrupting, encrypting, or deleting data within your business or personal systems.

Devices under a virus attack can malfunction unexpectedly, becoming unreliable at a moment’s notice. As a result, they can disrupt some or all of your daily business functions, causing multiple types of loss in finances and productivity levels.

Hardware and Hard Drive Failure

Hardware, including hard drives containing critical information, is susceptible to internal and external impairments. These impairments include mechanical component failure due to age, misuse, exterior damage, or improper connection to other devices and power sources.

Any of the above impairments can cause permanent loss or corruption of valuable data. Hardware users should maintain rigorous training in proper use protocols and maintenance guidelines for each technology that interacts with or transmits data.

Loss of Power and Power Fluctuation

Another of the most common causes of data loss is a power failure to the data storage unit or the connected devices. Interruptions in power supply during data entry can negatively impact data retention and rebooting capabilities, causing long-term issues with critical equipment.

Electronic devices depend on a steady and specific amount of power to work correctly. Sudden increases in voltage can damage the interior components and result in multiple system failures that may be permanent. Severely damaged systems may need complete replacement.

Natural Disasters

Some data loss incidents are due to natural disasters like lightning, earthquakes, and flooding. Thankfully, these incidences are relatively rare compared to the above causes of data loss.

Organizations should take every possible step to prevent data loss with a robust multi-layered strategy that addresses each of the most common causes. Keep reading to learn more about the most powerful protection strategies for organizations.

Build a Backup Plan with Data Loss Prevention Techniques

You need a strategic backup plan to protect your data efficiently and prevent the unwanted backlash that data loss can cause. Explore the following strategies to build a better data management system.

Separate Data Storage

A good backup plan for critical digital information involves maintaining a regularly updated copy of the data. This duplication storage system should be separate from the primary data system.

Potential mediums that are ideal for separate data storage include:

  • Offshore servers
  • External hard drive
  • Cloud storage

These forms of storage will require consistent checks to ensure the prevention of corruption and unauthorized access. With regular maintenance, these systems provide an additional layer of protection and stability for your data and daily functionality.

Defense Tools

Strong defenses prevent the issues that an invasive security breach presents. Tailored firewalls and antivirus programs help to defend your systems against malicious attacks. These tools require continual maintenance and updates to keep up with rapidly advancing technology.

Protected Power Supply

Consider implementing an uninterruptable power supply to prevent damage to your business electronics due to power fluctuations or unexpected power losses. These systems can prevent data loss by providing time to save vital documents and properly close critical systems.

Data Loss Prevention Strategies

Data loss prevention tools and software help systems prioritize data into categories according to sensitivity and risk levels. These tools help define policies concerning data. They provide auditing and reporting to determine weaknesses and security violations.

Prevent Data Loss with IT Professionals

For many reasons, organizations should take proactive steps to secure their data against prospective losses. These reasons include:

  • Legal consequences
  • Loss of reputation
  • Failure to perform business functions
  • Financial implications
  • Loss of productivity, time, and resources

If you aren’t sure how to better protect your business, you may need an expert to guide you. An experienced IT service provider can offer a customized solution that addresses data vulnerabilities and builds a strong defense against data-loss situations.

Do you want to discover how to protect your digital technology and prevent undesirable data losses from occurring? Learn more about the difference between MSP and MSSP service providers.

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