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Do Law Firms Use Apple or Windows Computers?

Law firms primarily use computers as an easy method to keep track of a plethora of information. But the debate between whether Apple or Windows computers are better is still going on today. Both computer brands are high quality, but each of them also has a few disadvantages. 

Some law firms use Apple, and others use Windows computers. Both are sufficient at handling all of the information required to run a law firm, and the best computer depends on what the law firm needs to be successful. 

The following article explains why some law firms use Apple and why some use Windows. It also includes a brief explanation of which computer is a better choice for law firms to use. 

Why Do Some Firms Use Apple? 

The main reasons that some law firms use Apple computers include: 

  • Security
  • Reliability 
  • Longevity

These reasons help ensure that a law firm is able to function successfully.  


Any computer has the capacity to get a virus, but with the right security, the chances are significantly decreased. Law firms have a significant amount of sensitive information on their computers, such as client and court case information. Because of this, firms need a highly secure computer system in order to protect this information. 

Apple computers are one of the most highly secure computers on the market. Apple computers are designed to have their hardware and operating systems work together. This makes it much easier for the company to send out updates and upgrades. Once they are sent out, law firms can add the updated information to their computers easily. 

If a law firm wants even more security to protect its information, it can get an encryption-based service. These are services that will encrypt passwords and other important information from end to end. Apple computers are compatible with multiple encryption services, and it encrypts sensitive information such as passwords and payment information. With the consistent updates and encryption protection, Apple computers are an excellent choice for law firms. 


Apple computers are also very reliable and are designed to handle a large amount of information without crashing. Even if the main server ends up crashing, Apple has a backup server to make sure all of the data that was on the main server isn’t erased. Furthermore, Apple computers have a fast processing speed, so law firms don’t have to worry about the computer freezing or glitching while completing tasks. 


Finally, Apple computers are designed to last a long time. So once a law firm purchases enough Apple computers for their employees, then those computers will be able to stay with the firm as it grows. Because of how long they last and how secure and reliable they are, Apple computers are a great investment for law firms. They will be able to assist the law firm in efficiently completing tasks and running the business successfully. 

Why Do Some Firms Use Windows? 

The main reasons that some law firms use Windows computers include: 

  • App accessibility 
  • Software versatility
  • Popularity 

These reasons make Windows computers an excellent option to ensure law firms run successfully and competitively. 

App Accessibility

Windows computers give users access to better applications that can make it easier for law firms to complete tasks. The main application is Microsoft Office, which is an application that’s designed to do office-specific tasks, such as scheduling and payroll. This application is available to use on Apple computers, but it runs smoother on Windows computers. 

Software Versatility

The main thing that separates Windows computers from Apple computers is that Windows has significantly more software options to choose from. Users are able to select the software options they prefer, and make their computer easier and more efficient to use. There are multiple different software applications available on all Windows models, but firms will need to purchase recent models if they want more advanced software. 


The final reason that law firms use Windows computers is because they are popular. This means that law firms and other companies they work with will have an easier time using Windows computers. Windows is the main operating system when it comes to businesses, and using a different one can cause issues and make a law firm seem unprofessional. 

Which One Is Better for Law Firms?

Overall, Apple is a better computer choice for law firms. While both computers have benefits that can make it easier for law firms to function, Apple computers are starting to surpass Windows computers in multiple ways.  

Both Windows and Apple computers are good options for law firms, but Apple has more features that make them a better choice. Apple computers have more security than Windows computers. Windows computers don’t have backup servers, and you can’t add end-to-end encryption software to them. This makes a law firm’s sensitive information more at risk, so even though Windows computers have more software options and applications, they aren’t as secure as Apple computers.  

Windows computers are also fairly reliable and are able to last a long time, and high-quality ones cost about the same as Apple computers. But the main thing that makes Apple computers a better option for law firms is that Apple computers are starting to become the norm for businesses as the years pass. 

This is because Apple computers generally cause fewer issues and function better than Windows computers. If an Apple computer does have an issue, then it’s also easier to take it to an Apple store to get it fixed. With Apple computers becoming the more popular choice for law firms to use, more law firms are likely to follow. 

Final Thoughts 

The technology that a law firm uses to run their business is critical, and Apple computers have more features that make them the better option compared to Windows computers. But if Windows computers work better for a law firm, then those computers can also ensure a law firm is able to function successfully. 

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