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First 8 Episodes of IT Overdrive

8 episodes that can solve your I.T. problems

I.T. Overdrive touches many topics in the IT world. Each of the 8 episodes is hosted by Kelly Herrod, founder and CEO of Herrod Technology Inc. Herrod believes that by creating these podcasts for the public he can help small and medium-sized businesses tackle even a few of the dozens of It issues that may arise at any given moment.

Complicated problems the IT company deals with include spyware and firewalls, systems design and configuration, disaster recovery, and more. Many companies do not have the resources or personnel to address many of these problems. This is why Herrod tech has set out to be the solution.

Episode 1: Avoid Headaches and Solve Your I.T. Problems – Welcome to I.T. Overdrive!

In the first episode of this podcast series, Kelly Herrod the company and how Herrod Technology has helped hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses thrive by outsourcing their IT. “Many smaller companies cannot afford to have a full-time I.T. person on staff, and they also cannot afford to be down because of technology or computer issues,” said Herrod. He goes on to explain how even if a company is big enough to afford an IT staff member, there will be times when they are gone for vacation or holidays. This, he explains, is why outsourced IT is a solution for everyone. 

Episode 2: I.T. Outsourced Services, Are They Worth It? It’s a Relationship, Not A Business Contract.

If you’ve hired an IT staff member, how can you be sure you’re getting your money’s worth? In episode 2, Herrod dives into the costs associated with a hired on It guy. Not only can they be expensive after factoring in salary, benefits, vacation, and the hiring process, but staff members are bound to leave at some point. Furthermore, most do. According to Herrod, “Technology guys are notorious for job-hopping.” So what’s the answer? According to Kelly Herrod, he is! 

“With an outsource provider, you get consistency. It’s the same all the time, no matter what. And, the cost is always much lower than hiring in-house for a small to midsize business.” Kelly goes on to discuss the approach of outsourcing as a business relationship, as opposed to a contract. This, he says, is why he still has clients that have been with him since he first started the tech company. For Herrod Tech, it’s obvious that they have the technical knowledge and ability. What sets them apart from other contractors (and hired IT professionals), is the long-term relationship they establish with their clients.

Episode 3: Tackling I.T. Issues On Your Own Can Cost You More Than You Save

Often, Herrod will get a call from a client who has a problem they’ve already tried to troubleshoot in-house. Either they assume it’s not very difficult or they have an employee (usually a young “tech-savvy” kid) that messes with the problem. Herrod reports that the problem is almost always worse by the time they call them than if they just outsourced from the start. These bigger problems take more time and resources and more often than not, cost more than if they had called Herrod Technology first. Costs associated are the time wasted in trying to fix the problem internally, an employee with low production from trying to be the tech guy instead of his normal task, and the higher cost of a larger tech service. According to Herrod, “It initially happens when someone has a new business or a smaller business and they’re… trying to cut costs, which [really] means they’re trying to cut corners.”

Of course IT service costs money, regardless of who does it. Kelly Herrod’s argument is that small to medium-sized businesses are better off paying to outsource those services to a specialized IT company so their own employees can focus on growth and productivity. Especially as e-commerce and m-commerce grows for sales and digital marketing becomes one of the largest marketing industries in the world, It companies like Herrod Technologies just make more sense. Listen here.

Episode 4: I.T. Security Concerns – They’re Real, They’re Here, Where Do You Start?

Most businesses would agree that the largest IT concern they have centers around security. In fact, in a report produced in 2019 by, new security threats were listed as the number one concern of CIOs around the nation. This report was corroborated in 2021 by, an organization focused on collaboration and influence in the technology industry. In his 4th episode, Herrod discusses the importance of a strong cybersecurity network. He believes it is so important that it is one or the largest services they offer. Furthermore, it’s the very first thing they do for new clients. 

“We like to come in and the first thing we do for new clients, even existing clients, we will run a full security assessment against their network. It goes out [and] crawls through the entire network, hits every single device, does an in-depth review, and spits out a report. It takes about 48 hours so it’s extremely in-depth. It’s a long report we go through and pare it down, parse it out, pull out the things that are important, the things we need to address,” says Kelly. Listen here.

Episode 5: True Hacker Story – A Ransomware Experience You Want to Avoid

Following the episode on the importance of having cybersecurity technology, Kelly Herrod tells the true story of a client whose data was held hostage until they paid the hackers. The client had refused to purchase security software for some time, claiming that since he was a smaller company, he was less likely to be targeted. The case Herrod makes is that ransomware does not just happen to large companies with deep pockets. Many small and medium-sized companies fall victim to ransomware since most of them do not spend resources on protective software. Additionally, these stories are not often publicized since a smaller company is heavily dependent on reputation and customer trust. Trust which would be hard to win back after knowing the company was hacked. Listen here.

Episode 6: Ransomware Revisited – It’s Not a Matter of If, But When

Given its importance, Herrod follows his hacker story episode with another episode dedicated to cybersecurity and ransomware. Over the weekend of July 4th, 2021, small businesses around the world were targeted by a large-scale ransomware movement. Supermarkets, schools, libraries, and dentists were targeted and vulnerable to these attacks. Herrod recounts another story of a client who fell victim to these attacks. As with the previous example, the client had not implemented the recommended security software upgrades. “Network security is a big deal. Hackers are out there and if you leave the door open, they will come on in and hold you hostage,” said Herrod. Few business owners want to take time out of their busy schedules to deal with technical issues. Even if they had the expertise, there are so many requirements and risks to running a business that they can’t afford to lose ground. Herrod believes that the answer to running an effective business and having a secure technical infrastructure is to outsource the IT to a third-party consultant. Listen here.

Episode 7: How Did That Happen? An I.T. Business Startup Story

“I didn’t start off as a computer guy, in fact, I was working in accounting and financial services. Today I share the story of how I fell into I.T. management.” Kelly Herrod takes episode 7 to share the story of how Herrod Technology was founded. He walks through the story of how he was first invited into the position because he was the “young tech-savvy” guy among his coworkers. After being let go from that full-time position, Herrod decided that he had no choice but to dive into the IT business and make it work. 22 years later, with over 30 years of personal experience, Kelly Herrod now leads a team of over 15 members to support small and medium-sized businesses with their IT problems and solutions by cultivating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Episode 8: Good Judgment Comes from Experience; Experience Comes from Bad Judgment

Continuing the sentiment of sharing personal experiences, Herrod dives into some of the realities of running a tech business. Often the team will take on a project that somehow keeps on having problems. He refers to these projects as “can of worms” projects. He has experienced the same thing in his own business. Not so much on the technical side, after all, it’s an entire team of tech wizards. Herrod recounts how tech wizards often have a hard time on the business side of running a business. Since they just want to get into a project and play with computers, there can often be unforeseen marketing or financial decisions. In a similar way, Herrod Tech would often consult companies that had excellent business practices, but were ignorant to their own IT needs. Given his own background, Kelly would understand the difficulties of being on top of everything all the time and be able to provide the critical IT support needed so the executives could go back to their version of “playing with computers.” Listen here.


In this 8 episode series, Kelly Herrod of Herrod Technologies gives a well-rounded introduction to the world of Information Technologies, cybersecurity, and his own experiences with them and one of the leading outsourced IT support companies to small and mid-sized companies. In a time where cybersecurity and big data are becoming essential to every sized company and every industry, Herrod Tech is set out to help business leaders and managers focus on the work they need to, and leave the IT stuff to them. In CEO Kelly Herrod’s words, “You got into business to do what you love, not hassle with networks and failing PCs. Stop letting I.T. make you frustrated and overwhelmed. We believe that I.T. should make your life better and you deserve to be able to run your business and have fun doing it.”

You can listen to all eight episodes by visiting the podcast website here.

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