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How to Find Free Zoom Backgrounds (Guide for Attorneys)

Holding meetings and appointments over Zoom has become incredibly common in recent years. For the most part, the platform is a good place to hold these meetings, but the main issue has been the backgrounds of meeting participants. Having the background be a participant’s house or other location can be distracting, so downloading free Zoom backgrounds has become the solution. 

Finding free Zoom backgrounds is very easy. All it takes is a quick Google search, and you can find the best Zoom background for your meeting. After that, you have to follow a few steps to upload the background to your Zoom room. 

The following article is a brief guide on finding free Zoom backgrounds and using them in their Zoom room. It also includes a brief guide on why attorneys specifically should change their Zoom background. 

Where To Find Free Zoom Backgrounds 

The easiest way to find free Zoom backgrounds is to do a quick Google search. Multiple websites have free backgrounds available to download, and you can find something that fits your style or meeting needs. 

Since the popularity of Zoom has increased significantly in recent years, more and more websites with free Zoom backgrounds have been created. There are also multiple different styles and types of Zoom backgrounds, so you can find exactly what you need for your meeting. 

Another popular place to find free Zoom backgrounds is on the Zoom website itself. You can download them straight from the website and use them in your meetings. However, there is a very limited style and type of background available on the Zoom website. You might not be able to find a background that you like or a background that you need for a meeting. 

It’s recommended that you find Zoom backgrounds that will fit the dimensions and ratio of a Zoom meeting room. The dimensions of a Zoom meeting room are 1920 by 1080, and the ratio is 16:9. While you can use backgrounds that don’t fit the dimensions and ratio of a Zoom room, it will look much better if the image can fit perfectly in the Zoom window. 

How To Change Your Zoom Background

You can change your background on Zoom by uploading the picture you want and selecting it in settings. But there are a few differences between changing the Zoom background on your laptop and your phone. 

The first step to changing your Zoom background is to download a background you want. Whether you want to change your background on your laptop or your phone, having your background ready to download will make the entire process easier. You don’t need to be in a meeting to change your background on your laptop, but you do need to be in one to change it on your phone. 

Changing Your Zoom Background on Your Laptop or PC

After opening your Zoom account on your laptop, go to your profile in the top right-hand corner and click the settings icon. It will look like a small gear and say settings beside it. When a menu appears on the left, select the “Virtual Backgrounds” option. If you want to use a background that Zoom provides, then you can click on the one you want. Just make sure that the green screen box isn’t checked, which you can also do in settings. 

If you already have a green screen, you can still use it for virtual Zoom backgrounds. The steps to set a background up on Zoom are the same, but there are some essential things to know if you use a green screen. Making sure you have bright lighting will help distinguish you in the foreground. You also don’t want to wear the same color as your background or green screen, as it can wash you out. 

If you want to upload your own Zoom background, then click the plus icon that appears next to the virtual backgrounds option. A box will pop up with different options to choose from on your computer, and you can select the one you want. 

Changing Your Zoom Background on Your Phone

If you want to change your Zoom background on your phone, you have to be in a Zoom meeting. You can launch your own meeting or join another one. Once you’re in a meeting, click on the “more” option located in the bottom right-hand corner, then click on the “Virtual Backgrounds” option. 

The following steps are pretty much the same as changing the background on your laptop, where you can choose one from the provided options or upload your own. 

Why Should Attorneys Use Zoom Backgrounds? 

The main reasons that attorneys should use Zoom backgrounds are privacy and professionalism. Some attorneys might not want their clients or coworkers to see the inside of their home, and Zoom backgrounds are great for that and for creating a more realistically professional setting. 


In addition to your face, Zoom windows show your surrounding area, so anyone that you’re in a meeting with will be able to see inside your home or another location you’re in. If you don’t want your clients or coworkers to see the inside of your home, and you want to protect your privacy, then Zoom backgrounds are great for that. 

The other people in the meeting will still be able to see your face over the background. But they won’t be able to see the surrounding area of your location.  


Having a certain Zoom background can make the meeting feel more professional and realistic. For example, having a client meeting when your Zoom background is in a nice law office can make the virtual meeting feel more professional. A Zoom background isn’t necessary, but it can certainly help make a meeting more polished and realistic. 

Final Thoughts

Changing your Zoom background is a great and easy way to protect your privacy and make meetings feel more realistic and professional. The steps to change it are very simple, and finding free backgrounds is even easier. 

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