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Running a business is a lot of work and you have more pressing issues to handle than a failing computer network. It is still, however, a critical enabler of your business and must be run efficiently. Herrod Technology, a managed services provider (MSP), servicing Denton, TX offers a complete range of services providing the utmost in network reliability and quality service.

Let the experts handle your I.T. so you can focus on growing your business.

What We Offer

We provide full network coverage, management, and support for a fixed monthly fee. We can also design, install, setup, and deploy your network, computers, and business devices as needed. From single to multiple locations, with local or remote users, whatever your unique needs, we will work with you to find the solution for your Denton, TX business.

Some of our popular services include these and a whole lot more:

Cloud Services

The cloud can be a bit of a mystery to those unfamiliar with I.T. It makes any service available on-demand via the internet as opposed to your company’s servers that live onsite.

Data Security

Herrod Technology will be a much-needed line of defense for your company’s data security. We will prevent questionable and potentially unsafe content from accessing your network to help protect your company’s bottom line.

Remote I.T.

Our team of remote I.T. professionals will be working with your in-house team so your employees are happier. Software and electronics will run smoother and you will be pleased with how much more productive your team is when you let Herrod Technology handle your managed services in Mansfield, TX.

Automatic Patch Installs

Stay on track and busy at work when patch installs are automated. No need to take time off to update your team’s software when the technology is able to remotely connect and install the needed extensions.

Anti-Virus Solutions

Viruses are estimated to affect 40% of all computers. We have the antivirus solution that your organization needs to stay efficient. More than 6000 viruses are created every month, and Herrod Tech can help to defend your networks against cyber hacking, phishing, and other problems. Give your team and your client’s peace of mind with our state of the art antivirus solutions.

Spam Filtering

Simplify your inboxes and focus on what’s important with our spam filtering capabilities. Your organization checks its email mailboxes multiple times a day. Be sure that they are saving time and paying attention to the most important communications when you utilize Herrod Technologies’s spam filtering service.

Email Configuration

Email servers deliver email over a remote network on the internet. It uses an automated antivirus solution and spam filtering to sort through emails for spam, viruses, and more.

Remote Access

A virtual private network, or VPN, allows users to connect to private networks remotely when connected to the internet. We also ensure data security to help users access sensitive information from anywhere.

Schedule Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures that your servers, computers, and other network devices function as intended. Automatic patch installs and updates are deployed by our team to keep things running smoothly.


Working with Herrod Tech is Simple

1. Schedule a Call

A friendly conversation where we’ll listen and learn about you and your business goals. Use our simple online booking tool to schedule an introductory call with us to discuss your Denton business’s I.T. needs.

2. On-Site Discovery

We’ll visit your on-site location in Denton for about an hour to see what we’re working with and provide an accurate estimate for our I.T. services. We’ll send over a complete report on where you currently stand with your I.T. and the next steps to get started.

3. Peace of Mind

We will then set up your network to allow your business to achieve its network communication goals. Once you outsource your I.T. to us, your business’s I.T. will be running efficiently in safe hands. We will provide unlimited onsite and remote I.T. support services dedicated to keeping your organization running smoothly.


We offer MSP agreement pricing for our services as your company’s outsourced I.T. solution. Our flat-fee pricing means you won’t be charged for any unexpected I.T. situations since they’ll all be covered under the monthly fee. Get in touch with us for a free quote today.

Ready to Get Started?

I.T. outsourcing will help your business focus on itself without having to worry about any of the technical aspects. Try our risk-free managed service provider services in Denton, Texas today for maximum savings, business efficiency, and peace of mind. Contact us to schedule your free introductory call.