Security Cameras for Law Firms

Should Law Firms Have Security Cameras Installed?

The notion of having security cameras in a law firm can cause some individuals to feel uneasy which may have you wondering if video surveillance is right for your practice. Installing cameras can have its challenges but more law firms are jumping on the surveillance bandwagon for good reasons. 

Reasons a law firm may utilize security cameras in their offices are: 

  • Theft prevention; 90% of theft occurs from within 
  • To create a safer environment for employees 
  • To protect high profile clients and confidential information

These and other reasons make cameras in a law firm a valuable asset. 

If you are interested in learning more about how law firms can benefit from utilizing security cameras continue reading for ideas and helpful information. 

Is It Lawful to Have Security Cameras in a Law Firm? 

Before installing cameras in your offices you may be wondering if it is legal and if there are any stipulations on where and how you can monitor the activities going on in your place of work. 

Some people feel that being recorded in their workplace is an invasion of privacy which is why certain laws have been instated to prevent inappropriate filming. Laws may vary from state to state however, the following is a general guideline for having cameras in the workplace. 

In general, a place of business has the right to have surveillance cameras in all public areas and anywhere an employee is performing their work. To prevent privacy issues it is prohibited to have surveillance cameras in employee lounges, changing rooms, or restrooms. 

Many states have a law that requires an employer to notify their employees that they are being recorded. It is illegal for surveillance cameras to record sound because federal law prohibits such activity as it is a breach of privacy. A person can be fined over $250,000.000 and face potential jail time if charged and found guilty of recording inappropriately. 

If you feel that certain areas of your building require audio recording as well as video some states allow for a business to do so if they make employees aware and post signs for any patrons entering the business. 

Continue reading to learn more about why a law firm should consider using security cameras. 

Security Cameras in Law Firms – What You Need to Know

As briefly mentioned at the beginning of this article, more law firms are moving toward using surveillance cameras in their offices for multiple reasons which will be discussed more thoroughly in this section. 

Protecting Your Assets – Keeping Employees Honest

A rather disturbing fact is that around 90% of theft occurs from within. It’s sad to think that you may not be able to trust the people who are working with you but it is a reality that needs to be faced rather than blindly letting uncivilized behavior occur. If an employee knows they are being watched they are less likely to behave unscrupulously. 

Provide Additional Security 

When it is clear that a place of business has security cameras it is less likely to experience a security breach by a disgruntled client or random ne’er doer. Employees can feel safer knowing that public areas are being monitored especially if they are working late on an important case. 

Protect High-Profile Clients and Their Information

It is not uncommon in this day and age for high-profile clients to request additional security and protection of their sensitive legal information. Knowing that their activities and information are being monitored via video surveillance can relieve a lot of stress and prevent serious problems or implications if something goes wrong. 

Technology That Anyone Can Use

Thanks to advances in technology using an in-house surveillance system can be done easily and used by anyone with clearance whether they are on-premises or working remotely. Most security camera systems come with apps for all of your smart devices for complete control of the surveillance system at the touch of the screen. 

Now that you understand why so many law firms are beginning to install security cameras in their offices you may be wondering if it is best to keep surveillance as an exclusive in-house operation or hire professionals who are experienced in that field to assist with ensuring your facility is protected.

Hiring an IT Firm to Handle Security – Should You Do It? 

Many law firms outsource their security monitoring as well as much of the IT work that needs to be done to properly maintain the delicate infrastructure that can make up a busy law practice.  

Professional IT firms can be an integral part of keeping a law firm operating efficiently and safely with the knowledge that their data is protected. If you are unsure if hiring an outside IT firm to handle all of your security and technological needs consider the following things: 

  • Do you have a lot of high-profile clients who may need extra protection?
  • Do you have issues with theft?
  • Do you want to be worry-free so you can focus on your next big case? 
  • How large is your practice and what sort of security and technology needs do you have? 
  • What is your available budget for such services?

Answering these questions can help you to make the right decision for your situation. Another benefit to hiring an outside firm to handle your security cameras and IT demands is the added security they offer to your network. They can ensure that the wrong hands do not get ahold of sensitive information and prevent cyberattacks as well. 

Professional IT firms can ensure that all of your equipment is up-to-date and ready to block any threat that may present itself. If managing security cameras seems like a big job take the stress away by hiring a company with the experience you need to keep your work flowing smoothly. 

Advantages Outweigh Disadvantages of Security Cameras 

As you can see there are more reasons to support the use of security cameras in law firms than not.  Although some people may still be leery about adding security cameras in a law firm there comes a time when progression is necessary to keep up with the changing times and assure that the workplace is safe and all sensitive information is kept confidential.  








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